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Welcome to Movement Wellness

The home for ELDOA training and teaching in the Florida panhandle and the Southeast United States.

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About Movement Wellness LLC

Movement Wellness LLC provides ELDOA certification courses throughout the Southeast United States. Our highly skilled instructors employ their extensive professional expertise to ensure all students are proficient in the instruction of the ELDOA postures.
Check out the What is ELDOA page to find out more!

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What is ELDOA?

Designed by French osteopath Guy VOYER DO, the ELDOA™ (Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptition Osteo-Articulaire) are postural exercises that you can do yourself with the primary goal being to increase the space within a chosen articulation. The ELDOA are very precise postures that target a specific joint region to provide relief from pain and restore balance. As the ELDOA “create” space, there is an improvement in joint mechanics, increased blood flow, reduced pressure on the discs, a reduction of pain, spinal disc rehydration, better muscle tone, improved posture, and a sense of well-being and awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is taught in the level 1 course?

The ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course – The Most Frequently Used ELDOA of the Spine – is designed for the client-practitioner with minimal or NO formal training in classic spine biomechanics or descriptive anatomy. Students will learn the five most frequently used ELDOA of the spine.

What does ELDOA do, exactly?

There are many uses for the ELDOA, some of the most common are:

  • Create more space between the vertebrae.

  • To depress the nerve between the vertebrae.

  •  To improve proprioception of the vertebral joint segment.

  • To hydrate the intervertebral disc.

Who created ELDOA?

Guy Voyer, DO created the ELDOA in an effort to cure the pain of the world, back pain.

More can be found on his website at:

About Guy VOYER, DO (

Do you receive a certificate of completion?

Yes. Certificates are awarded upon successfully completing the course and demonstrating proficiency of the exercises.

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